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Short Romance  Story



         Romance Fantasy Story Fiction 

 $1.99   The Shanghai Rainbow  

The story takes the reader on a spectacular journey of fantasy into another world.

Each rainbow teaches a lesson and romance is guided by magic.

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There are Thirteen Episodes.

The second story "The Chinese Wand and The Magic Lamp" will be available in the coming future .It conveys a connection to "The Shanghai Rainbow"

Thank you! and please enjoy the story,

Table of Contents
1. Meeting romantic Conchita in Spain
2. Experiencing the magic of Conchita
3. The journey to rainbows
4. The lessons from rainbows
5. The Nimita : The vehicle for travel to a new world
6. Inside The Nimita
7. The Golden People
8. Travelling to the new world
9. The actual new world
10. The vision and purpose of being with Conchita
11. The experience of being in South America
12. The purpose and ultimate destiny of love
13. The connection to the future
14. Seeing Shanghai China
15. Relating to the story to follow. The Chinese Wand and The Magic Lamp